Tarrangower Estate
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 Looking due North from Tarrangower EstateThe Property

The property is 9 ha in total, 2 ha of which are currently under vine with infrastructure ready for a further 2 ha to be planted. The vines are planted on predominantly basaltic soils which have high organic and nitrogen content. It is covered by a rich pasture of native grasses which have been retained as a sword between the vines and in extensive uncultivated areas on other parts of the property.

The property was originally part of the "run" of Alexander Mollison, one of the first "overlanders" to settle in the Port Phillip District, and was settled by him in 1837. In 1847 it was incorporated into pastoral lease No. 137 known as "Coliban". Late in the 19th Century it was bequeathed to the Anglican Church, and from that time until 1993 when the first vines were planted the property was virtually unused for agriculture. This explains the wealth of native grasses and the health of the soil.

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